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Meet the Team - Megan Lindow

6 Apr 2021
by Nadine Ashby

Funny enough, Megan's journey with skincare starts with her love of baking and desire to make pumpkin pie. When she was 12, she told her dad she wanted to make a pie, and he offered that he would buy her a premade crust for her first-ever pie as pie crust can be a bit tricky. She rolled her eyes (as those who know her are very familiar with) and said, "what's the point of trying if you aren't going to the crust, its kina the whole point." So off they went to get the ingredients, and Megan made pumpkin pie. As her dad recalls, it was incredible. The crust was flaky, not too dry, and you would have thought she had been making crust from scratch for years. So what does this have to do with skin? The same way Megan has a "6th" sense for baking/cooking, she has the same sense for the skin for being able just kinda to do it. That intuitiveness, combined with a deep passion and desire to care for people and their well-being, has led her to be our lead Skin Care Specialist. Megan was exposed to the ethics industry through her marketing and guest services position. Never one to "sell" something she didn't understand, she took courses at spa shows and online to gain an expanded understanding. She has specialized her training to focus solely on skincare and has guided people through their skincare journeys for the past five years. An avid seeker of knowledge, Megan is continuously educating herself to be a better treatment provider for her clients, prioritizing Oncology safe skincare and Acne treatments. If you ever get the chance to glimpse her happy dance when a guest sees improvement, you would beam as much as she does. Her infectious joy for helping others and need more than a willingness to share knowledge is truly what sets Megan apart in her field. That, coupled with her skill, means you will never experience a facial treatment quite like what Megan has to offer.

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