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The La Creme Puff Girls

23 Mar 2021
by Nadine Ashby

Hey, it's so nice to meet you! We are excited that you stopped by but even more excited for you to come into the boutique! Our team is made up of some pretty rad ladies. We all come from completely different walks of life. Yet we all work together as if we've known each other forever. La Creme opened in February 2020, and we have been thriving ever since. Megan Lindow, boss lady, started this boutique and has since added us to her team along the way. Amber has been working behind the scenes for Melt and its other companies' scenes, and so naturally, she took on La Creme and joined the team! Megan Stewart (yep, two Megan’s under one roof) joined the La Creme crew in December. She worked at our sister company, Melt, but decided La Creme needed her more! Then in early February, the lovely Mara joined the crew. Mara began her training to doing facials at la creme and now jumps between Melt and La Creme. Not long after that, Nadine joined us! Nadine is like Amber, does some behind-the-scenes stuff, and jumps around as needed.

The 5 of us work better together than any team you've ever seen! It's a truly great mix of gals. We often spend our free time outside of work laughing, wine, touring, and planning big things. We will always accept bottles of wine...if you ever wanted to get us a present ;)

We have big plans for La Creme and powerful women back them! You can expect lots of fun and exciting things coming from La Creme soon. We recommend signing up for our newsletter and following our socials to stay in the loop.

Catch us on the gram @lacremeluxe. We will see you there!

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